Sat. Sep 18th, 2021
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Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that is also known as lipoplasty or just a lipo. This technique helps you to remove excess fats from thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and arms back etc. For your liposuction technique to blossom we are not saying it’s interrelated with obesity. But, in actual it is a fat that is hidden in some parts of your body. During this treatment hollow tiny equipment known as Cannula is being push on your body for reducing fat.

In common, this surgery is done mostly in America and United Kingdom where thousands of men as well as women keeps themselves slim and fit with the help of this surgery. Even with the help of GM Diet Plan also you can get rid from excess fats from some parts of your body, but you can also get rid from obesity. However, once again we want to remind you that Liposuction is not treated as Obesity surgery but purely cosmetic surgery to remove fat cells permanently from your body. However, if one does not live and follow a healthy diet then the surgery might get worsen. There are also other surgeries out there that can help you with keeping that weight loss. You can find these surgeries pretty much wherever you are, even Colorado has bariatric surgery, so don’t fret if liposuction doesn’t work just right for you. So, looking forward we will point out Liposuction, types and procedures.

Different Types and Procedures of Liposuction 2017:

Before you choose the different types of Liposuction, make sure you visit your recommended Doctor. Let’s read below the newest liposuction techniques;

1.      Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL):

This method is mainly used in Brazil and is called Lipoaspiração DF in their language. Power Assisted Liposuction is the specialized Liposuction method that requires no manual movements. Apart from traditional liposuction, this method is quite different. Surgeons use a sleek Cannula to perform the task that in actual moves both backward and forward. In every minute, it moves to 300 strokes.

2.      Tumescent Liposuction:

In Tumescent Liposuction techniques, Local anaesthesia is being used to large volumes to subcutaneous fats. And depending on the fats, anaesthesia will be used accordingly. As a matter of fact, Tumescent is the most effective liposuction method. With the help of local anaesthesia, tumescent fluid (saline solution) will get inserted in your body while your fatty cells gets swollen which in return with the help of Cannula equipment, the fats are taken out.

3.      Laser- Assisted Liposuction:

This technique uses a small and tiny Cannula that is being inserted using a tumescent fluid to extract fats using low energy waves. By melting the fat using the laser technique, it makes easier to remove excess fat. As a result, it has also been said that Laser-Assisted Liposuction reduces bleeding as well as bruising. The entire Liposuction Laser techniques and procedure usually takes 3-4 hours to complete.

4.      Ultrasound- Assisted Liposuction:

To melt the fat from human body, this method uses ultrasound technique. Accordingly, this is the best type of liposuction for stomach, sides, neck and back. And to deliver the ultrasonic energy, Ultrasonic Liposuction uses a tumescent fluid in large amount. Keep in mind that for Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction there are two different types: Internal Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction and External Ultrasound Liposuction.

5.      Water Assisted Liposuction:

With less bleeding and bruising, Water Assisted Liposuction shows its way to get rid of unwanted fats present in your body. This method uses a gentle stroke to remove fats gently that also helps you to loosen the fat. Unlike traditional liposuction, WAL uses a saline to excessively remove fats from the body.

Liposuction Surgery Before and After Treatment:

Before or after Liposuction surgery, a patient must need to follow some guideline which we have recommended below;

  • If you are a woman then you must not continue taking Contraceptive pills after or before surgery.
  • Before surgery approximately for 10-14 days make sure you do not take any inflammatory drugs or aspirin.
  • If you are an anaemia patient then iron supplements intake is very much necessary.
  • Pregnant or breast feeding women are not allowed to go for the treatment.

Liposuction Risk:

The famous fashion blogger Azra Yates mentions that treating your fat with liposuction, when taken less care shows increases the risk of complications. And, treating in large area shows severe complications. It includes damages to skin color or itching in some body parts where you have injected Cannula. Liposuction do removes the fats permanently but when regular guidelines are not being followed, the liposuction risk increases. There are obvious risks and so this method is only to be considered after trying out proper diet plans and proper exercise to weight loss and all those doesn’t give required results.

So, to conclude, the above-mentioned are the liposuction types and procedures. And, one must keep in mind that Liposuction treatment is done after consulting with surgeon Doctors. You must clear all your doubts before the surgery continues. In fact, if you have made up your mind for losing weight then this is not a good idea. This is because; Liposuction is mainly used for that healthy person that wishes to get rid from unwanted fats.