Sat. Sep 18th, 2021
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During certain seasons such as winter, some people notice drying in their skin because of the natural effects of the cold weather. It happens to many people all the time and even those who have not experienced them yet may start seeing their skin getting dry.

Dry skin is something not to look forward to since it will bring out skin diseases when not prevented because of the lack of moisture. These skin types can be rehydrated once more and produce oil to prevent further damage.

Causes Of Dry Skin

One can easily notice the presence of dry skin through the appearance of fine lines, crinkled skin and creases that tell you that it has been dehydrated. So what causes dry skin? The main cause is lack of water or moisture. You have seen the same thing happen on your lips, reason why other people would tell you to drink plenty of water to avoid the cracking of your lips. Eating the right food with the right nutrition is also advised, and can avoid the presence of dehydration on the skin.

Smoking And Dry Skin?

It is also true that dry skin can be caused by smoking. The habit produces harmful chemicals that can blend with the skin when inhaling the smoke or even when exposing it to these pollutants. You can also notice that even second-hand or third-hand smokers who live in a community of smokers can also suffer from skin damage. Or, as simple as commuting outside everyday in the presence of smoke can affect the way your skin looks.

The Use Of Cleansers

One of the ways that people apply when it comes to taking care of their skin is the use of cleansers and moisturizers. They purchase various products in the market such as the heavily promoted brands and products that are offered by high-end makers. There is nothing wrong about using such products, as long as they are safe for you.

The Power Of Using Serum

But today, many experts have noted the effects of serum for treating dehydrated skin. Serums are made in specific formulation using the same ingredients found in many medicines. They are also used differently.

If you want to discover the new hydrating serum in Singapore, and use it on your own or for your skin, be sure to first use a cleanser to clean your skin and remove all the deeply seated dirt on it. Use the serum alongside toners and herbs if you have to maximize their benefits.

Such skin serums will help heal the dehydrated portions and provide moisture to it as much as it needs. These components will also work to protect the skin from effects of the environment and leave it moisturized. Now, you can go out of your homes as much as you want to since your skin is protected with the right products.

Know the preferences of your skin type and first consult a physician before using these products. Their suggestions will help you choose the right product for your specific conditions.