Sat. Sep 18th, 2021
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One of the biggest challenges any foodie will face is where to find the newest flavor. After you have depleted all your local area’s specialties, take the time to explore these stunning locations full of new tastes.  From Vietnam to Accra, there are thousands of exciting new dishes to sample. 

The Long Xuyen Floating Market 

Tucked in the Mekong delta, the Vietnamese have built a rich trade culture over the waters, including its famous floating markets. Thanks to its accessibility, the Cai Rang floating market is the most popular. However, this region is full of spots with histories dating back over a hundred years. For those looking to avoid the tourist crowds, make your way to the Long Xuyen Floating Market to sample exotic fruits and delicacies native to the region. To catch the market at its peak hours, wake up early to arrive between five and six am. The local vendors will have fresh coffee and dishes like banh tam bi, a noodle dish, ready to help you get your day started.   

Izmir’s Kemeralti  

Turkish bazaars are world-renowned, particularly the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. However, if you are looking for something a little different, make your way west to Izmir. This coastal city offers breathtaking views and incredible spots for Turkish cuisine. Start by making your way to Konak and the Kemeralti market. An intricate maze of shops and winding paths, it is easy to spend hours getting lost here. To help direct you to the food, head towards the mosques, where just outside the doors, you’ll find restaurants offering delicious dishes to satisfy any hunger craving. Once you have finished your shopping, head to the waterfront for some raki and balik for the perfect end to your day. 

The Cabarete Night Market 

Throughout the Dominican Republic, there are exciting and unique landmarks and sites to fill your vacation. However, if you are looking for something new, head to the Cabarete Night Market. Starting in the late afternoon and running until ten at night, this market has a fun but relaxed atmosphere. While it is tempting to spend your time browsing the locally handcrafted products, you don’t want to miss out on some of the dishes offered here. A particular favorite is the piñón from the Honey Company. With cruises from Miami leaving all the time, getting here is no challenge. This spot is home to plenty of restaurants and bars for the best shopping experience.   

Accra’s Makola Market  

Ghana may not be on your list as a food destination, but this gem is not to be missed. The scents and sounds the fill the air will lead you through the city’s largest open-air marketplace. Before you visit the Makola Market, prepare yourself for both the size and spectacle of the area. Whatever you are looking for, this is the spot to find it. From grilled fish to waakye, there is a rich treasure trove of food stalls offering local dishes. You may want to bring a friend to help you finish your food tour through this vast space. To help you plan your trip, book yourself at least two days here to ensure you at least try and see almost everything.   

Singapore’s Amoy Street Food Centre 

Singapore may be one of the most popular destinations on this list, however, no food list would be complete without mentioning the Singaporean Hawkers. These vendors offer dishes full of spices and flavors only found here. The Hawker culture is full of unspoken rules, such as a napkin on a chair denotes a reserved spot. When visiting, it is tempting to go for an exotic dish from a vendor with a shorter line but queue up in the longest lines for the tastiest meals. To enjoy Hawker food properly, give yourself at least an hour to claim the best dishes available. Just don’t forget to sample something from the most affordable Michelin star restaurant in the world.    Enjoy your travels and happy tasting!