Sat. Sep 18th, 2021
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We always yearn to have a good relationship with people around us. More so, with our loved ones. But, you will be surprised to find that healthy relationships take a beating when it comes to the closest of relationships.  the relationship that has to get better with time actually turns sour and you end up hating each other. This is a problem that happens to many and you can find ways to have a satisfying relationship be it a romantic, work-related or a platonic relationship at

Key to the relationships

While you may come across many ideas that are vital to maintaining a good relationship, the central the key point that could help you build, develop and maintain relationships is to Listen. The modern life and its complexities have made us so preoccupied with ourselves that we have shut ourselves from being connected with others. Better connections can be fostered only when we tune ourselves to the frequency of other people and the secret to that is to put an effort to listen. Listening though is complete when

  • You are able to listen to the person and are ableto grasp the underlying aspects of the message a speaker puts up to you.
  • Every action has an equal and opposite reaction says Newton’s But you must realize that such chain of reactions is actually the markers for a spoilt relationship. For example, if yourspouse says he could not drop the children at school and you respond immediately that it is not your job too, it is a situation that warrants an estranged relationship. Instead, if you listen patiently by letting down your defensiveness, you will understand that he says he could not drop them because he has to travel a long distance that day to meet a client or any such reason which in reality might be truly acceptable. So holding back your thoughts and focussing on what is being said verbally and through the tone of voice will help nurture relationships.
  • It is not always that you will find the other person communicating an information in a way that he should. But, with the art of listening in your arsenal, you will be able to clarify what the person was trying to say by putting forth questions like, Do you mean you cannot drop them today? Or are you having any problem? etc. Clarifications will help nurture relationships.
  • Quite often, people tend to take the easy way out by jumping to negative conclusions. For example. If your spouse says, I cannot come out with you, the immediate thought that rises in the minds of the spouse is that he will not want to do anything that pleases me. But when you put away the cynicism and listento your spouse as you would listento your friend you will understand and ascribe positive motives to your partner’s words which have the capacity to spark a positive chain reaction that will build rather than mar a relationship.

In short, listening with an open mind and heart will increase your feelings of empathy and understanding. This, in turn, will reflect in your actions and are very beneficial in building relationships, be it in the workplace, home or community.

Other factors

The other factors that are also considered to be beneficial in nurturing relationships are

  • Being sincere about relationships
  • Being thoughtful and supportive of others
  • Staying positive and looking for positives in others
  • Take time to demonstrate the love you have for your family, spouse or others.
  • Care for others, but at the sametime ensure that you give extra space to your loved ones too.
  • Do not let your feelings of mistrust create feelings of insecurity in your partner and children

With these simple secrets, you can surely develop and nurture healthy relationships.