Sat. Sep 18th, 2021
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If you are an athlete or you are planning to become one, there are specific foods you need to keep your eye on. They are obviously healthy, but they can also give you a proper level of energy, stamina and so much more. Below, we will list and explain the foods professional athletes have been eating for ages. They are healthy even if you don’t want to become an athlete.


Nuts are essential if you are looking for food that is excellent for athletes and beneficial due to so many reasons. First of all, nuts are loaded with healthy fats and also with protein. They will keep carbs for longer in your body and they will help you control your blood sugar. This is part of the reason why some of the best footballers (read more) in the world eat nuts on a daily basis.

Additionally, nuts are loaded with fibers and Vitamin E. They won’t upset the stomach when consumed in proper amounts and they will promote bone health, which is mandatory for all types of athletes. They have anti-inflammatory properties as well.  


You may be surprised that milk is even on our list. Well, it is and it is very important. Although there are no extreme benefits you need to know about, there are some impressive ones. Milk is full of protein and carbs. It will expand the blood vessels when consumed after a workout therefore promote muscle recovery and relaxation in general. Milk also helps you with muscle repair, which is essential for athletes who perform sports such as boxing, martial arts, bodybuilding, and more.


Almost all berries are extremely beneficial. Some even give you better mental and memory capabilities while others are great for muscles. Some of the most beneficial berries are blackberries. In the lack of a better word, Blackberry benefits are stunning and they affect your complete body. Of course, other berries are essential. They will help your muscles stay in great health even at old age, so they should be consumed for a long period of time.

Berries will protect your body from oxidative stress that is normal in the human body. Last but not least, berries are loaded with antioxidants that have a positive effect on your body after exercising or a match.


Salmon is probably the best fish you can consume. If you are an athlete, you do need it as much as possible. It is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and protein you need to build your muscles. Salmon can decrease inflammation in the body and also prevent heart diseases. You will need at least 8 ounces per week in order to meet the recommendation. Be free to mix it with the next food on our list and you will get even more benefits.


You may believe that pasta is food to avoid. It is not healthy and it comes with countless issues. This is a common mistake. Yes, pasta is loaded with carbs but not all of those should be avoided. In reality, pasta comes with straight carbs that work like direct fuel for our bodies. When you consume pasta as an athlete you will enjoy the energy boost and you will enjoy the new energy source.

First and foremost, pasta is loaded with fiber as well which can cause stress to your stomach and your bowels. As such, it isn’t recommended to eat a lot of it. Another thing to keep in mind is that grain pasta contains less sugar than a more common white pasta. It is a much better choice to eat grain pasta if you are an athlete.


Bananas are great if you want to have a snack late at night or if you need potassium. The best part is their taste which is adored by millions. When it comes to their pure list of benefits, it is extremely long as you may assume. The main advantage here is the presence of electrolytes, natural by the way. They should be replaced after each workout or match. Bananas will also help you with fluid regulation. When you exercise more and more often, you will need to drink more water. Bananas will help you regulate that water more successfully. Last, bananas will help you prevent muscle cramps.


These foods are an excellent source of healthy nutrients, protein, carbs, and vitamins. They have been consumed by athletes from all over the world for decades and they are recommended by all nutritionists. Now you can consume the same foods as athletes and you can enjoy proper health.