Aging Skincare – Eliminate Wrinkles, Lines and Crows Feet As You Age

Are you having problems with swelling? I know how hard it can be to get back on your feet after a nasty injury. In just a few sessions lymphatic drainage could help speed your recovery and get you back to 100%. Is this something that you would like to know more about? A secret way to feel fit and healthy all the time. If this is what you want, please read on and learn all about the lymphatic drainage.

You are sitting at the computer, perhaps you feel a little swelling in your ankles?

The act of sitting swells your legs especially if you are motionless for hours on end. This is due to your lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system is a very complex system… it is everywhere in the body. It consists of glands, network nodes (such as the venous system) and lymph nodes. Lymph is the fluid flowing through it. It allows cells to feed, carries cellular waste and helps defend the body by transporting the necessary antibodies. Lymph flows through lymph vessels and lymph nodes that serve as filters for toxic substances in our body.

Interstitial fluid is the bath in which most of our cells float. It is this liquid that appears if we burn ourselves: it is the liquid in the blisters that form. It is also the fluid that is causes swelling.

When it comes to cells, lymph contains the necessary food to feed them and transports various wastes (digestion, dead cells, damaged cells, etc. )#) away. An imbalance between the fluid in the tissues and the ability to drain the lymph, causes congestion (edema), which has an impact on the functioning of the body. When the lymph slows, the cells can be poisoned by their own waste therefore good lymph circulation is necessary for the health of the body.

The lymphatic circulation system runs parallel to the bloodstream. The vessels are located between the skin and muscles.

Now that you have learnt a little something about the lymphatic system perhaps the solution to your problems is a good massage which specialises on lymphatic drainage?

Lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage technique which consists of wave like movements. These movements are performed on the nodes and networks of the lymphatic system.

As you read this you feel relaxed, you would feel better after a massage especially concentrating on lymphatic drainage because it is very relaxing but more importantly lymphatic drainage has the effect of speeding up and facilitate the journey of lymph to the heart. In addition to this, it stimulates the lymph which activates the immune system and helps eliminate organic waste. The drainage also helps to expel the accumulated fluids in the tissues to reduce swelling and tissue congestion.

Lymphatic drainage can be used to: –

Help reduce swelling;

Help reduce inflammation (eg, bursitis, tendinitis, epicondylitis);

Reduce sinusitis and allergies;

Reduce headaches and migraines;

In Preparation before surgery to increase the antibodies of the immune system;

Improve circulation and help decongestion after the operation or injury;

Improve sleep;

Just relax.

Earlier, I asked if you wanted to know the secret to being healthy and feeling good. Lymphatic drainage is the answer. Try it and see for yourself.